My Verizon Pix Place

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My Verizon Pix Place

Posted by Buis Angelette on Friday, 21 February, 2020 16:50:30

The Pix Flix message acts as an alert to let the recipient know that they need to go online to retrieve the picture or video. When a Pix Flix message is received, the recipient must go to the Verizon Wireless website and log into their My Verizon account. Once logged in, the recipient then clicks on the "My Media" tab, then on "Messages."

I received a text from vzw . The msg said: "your pix place account was inactive for 180 days so your content was deleted." it also told me to log onto to keep using my account. I tried it several times with no success.

The Pix Place Online Album was discontinued on October 1st. For information about setting up a free account on the Verizon Cloud remote storage service, please visit

verizon pix place. Question Posted Saturday June 16 2007, 7:09 pm someone told me that i should upload my pics onto the comp from my phone using vz pix placei got some pics on there but how do i just get them to my computer..not send them to another phone?

I'm having trouble sending a email to my pix place. I'm sending it to my [email protected] it keeps coming back as delivery failed. I want to send music to my phone so I can save it as a ringtone. Any help would be appreciated.

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