Review Facebook Login History

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Review Facebook Login History

Posted by Brian Alhertine on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 10:42:39

You can view your Facebook login history in your account's Settings. Review the devices logged in, places and the date and time of your logins to see if your someone's using your account without your permission. Every year, hackers find ways to gather personal information through illegal means

It's hard to think of a great reason why Facebook needs to make these queries available to its users (the page is private and you can only view your own history), but perhaps even more concerning is the trouble it's gone through to make your history hard to find.

If you want an actual copy of your Facebook history logs that you can back up yourself, send to someone, or simply have on hand, follow these steps on a computer: Open the Your Facebook Information page through the small arrow at the far right side of the top Facebook menu

Now we reach 2012, which is probably one of the most important years in Facebook's (admittedly short) history. In April we see Facebook make a major acquisition: Instagram. Spending $1bn, we get an idea of the kind of resources the platform now has at its disposal. This was just a month before the years big event. The IPO.

Read these basic FAQs to learn more about logging in to Facebook and resetting your password: How do I reset my password? We'll ask you to change your password and review recent login activity. If you've turned on private browsing or set up your browser to clear your history every time

Facebook actually track your search histories. You can also use this to check who or what your other half searches for, just a warning though, you might not like what you're going to see! or if you've been wondering where search history feature is, read