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Sainsbury Cash Passport

Posted by Brallier Adelise on Saturday, 8 February, 2020 11:11:20

We certainly do! Sainsbury's Travel Money offers a great exchange rate on foreign currencies. Click here to visit our website. Drop into one of our 200+ instore bureaux and choose from cash in over 50 currencies including Euro, United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and United Arab Emirates Dirham or a Sainsbury's Bank Multi-currency Cash Passport MasterCard.

Have had a Sainsbury Cash Passport (Mastercard) for a few years. No where near as straightforward as Visa prepaid. Far more hurdles to go through to access account. On one occasion my hotel was not recognised by Mastercard so had to resort to other methods of payment. Most recently, like another reviewer, had an issue with password.

You can use a UK issued Visa and Mastercard credit or debit card, to top up a UK Cash Passport purchased at Travelex, Sainsbury's, Thomas Cook and additional locations online. Please follow the appropriate link below, depending on the Purchase Location from which you bought your Card:

Read our community Sainsbury's Cash Passport reviews to see what using the card is really like. Whether you're using the card for a week in Spain, or for a round the world adventure, our reviews will help you decide on the best prepaid card for your needs.

Single Currency Cash Passport - Prepaid Currency Card. Check your balance via My Account. Need to check your balance and transaction history? Login to My Account. Card Security. Peace of mind when travelling overseas.

The Sainsbury's Bank Multi-currency Cash Passport will automatically convert the amount of the transaction from local currency into the Currency (-ies) available on your Card, in the order described above, at an exchange rate determined by MasterCard on the day the transaction is processed, increased by the foreign exchange fee (see the Fees and Limits for more details).