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Webpass New Directions

Posted by Brassel Adriene on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 17:14:11

Provider WebPass Access Request Form The WebPass website will allow you to request authorizations, provide clinical information, contact New Directions Provider Relations, and other useful services. WebPass Information Facility Administrator Point of Contact

New Directions Behavioral Health. Please enter the information below so that we can look up your profile and allow you to make updates to your information in our system or to join our network. Individual Provider Information. SSN (Last 4 digits)

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If you have already applied for WebPass access and need to modify your account, please use this form. Fax the completed form to 866-237-2361. Place a check next to the changes you need made to your existing account: NEW DIRECTIONS . Author:

Webpass. webpass Google has taken another formal step to fold Webpass into its overall plans for Google Fiber, WebPass is an online service from New Directions which allows providers and office staff to check eligibility and benefits of New Directions Members, request outpatient treatment